Greetings from Modern Car Society Chairman, James (Jim) Facinelli
I have been a car guy all of my life. I remember as a child, listening to the cars go by my window at night and trying to guess what they were. I purchased a ’52 Cadillac for $10.00 back in ’64, and then moved on to ’55, ’56 & ’57 Chevys followed by a new ’69 Camaro, which I still dream about driving today. After a few Corvettes, I moved into the Porsches and never left them.  In ’95, I bought my first Rolls-Royce, a ’76 Regal Red, Silver Shadow. I recently restored this same car and won RROC and AACA National awards in Class for my efforts. My first "Modern Car" touring adventure took place in 1995 when my wife, Adelle, and I participated in Mountain Adventure ‘95, one of the very first RROC National Modern Car Society Tours, which was lead by Michael Gaetano. Since then, several things have happened: Michael and I have become great friends; I won "The Moose" award for
failure to proceed somewhere in New England and that moose now resides permanently in my home, along with a collection that has grown even though we never bought one. They just show up at our door. In fact, the third floor of our house looks like rural Maine. That breakdown led me to become acquainted with a gentleman named Adrian West, who has since passed away. Adrian was a mover and shaker in the RROC and taught me the meaning of brotherhood in our Club. Michael, myself, and others formed the Modern Car Society in 1995. My interest in RR/B’s has expanded with new additions to a growing collection of motor cars and working to maintain and improve their operation. I continue to serve as a National RROC Judge in my 12th year and have just completed a three year term as President of the Rolls-Royce Foundation where I continue serve as Ex Vice Chairman.

As the incoming Chairman and a hands-on car guy, I intend to continue and help to expand the grand life style we all know as the Modern Car Society. I’d like to work with our members and supporters to sponsor more driving tours, technical sessions, and social get-togethers from coast to coast.  Now that I’m semi-retired, no destination is too far away. I am also available to anyone at any time to discuss matters relating to our favorite passion. I look forward to meeting you at an RROC-MCS activity and working with you to make our Society all that it can be.